Windows Logon Type Overview

Logon Type NumberNameDescription
2InteractiveLogon interactively with keyboard and mouse sitting in front of the computer (also Logons over KVM-over-IP, IPMI Remote Consoles, etc.)
3NetworkLogons over network e.g. when accessing a network share or Logons to an IIS webserver (Basic Authentication is not included here –> Code 8)
4BatchLogons over Scheduled Tasks
5ServiceService Logons (see services.msc –> Log On As)
7UnlockWhen password protected screen is unlocked the event is logged with logon type 7
8NetworkCleartextLike type 3 but with password sent in cleartext (especially Basic Auth. with IIS)
9NewCredentialsProgram is started with RunAs /netonly option. The program is then started as local user but network ressources are accessed with the given user.
10RemoteInteractiveLogon over Remote Desktop Session or Remote Assistance Session
11CachedInteractiveLogon using locally cached domain credentials