Raspberry Pi: OpenELEC – IR Receiver Setup

Enable SSH in OpenElec

If not already done, you need to enable SSH in OpenElec (OpenElec-Settings –> Services –> SSH)

Login to your Raspberry Pi over SSH

By default the flash-storage is only accessible in read-only-Mode. That’s why we need to remount it.

Remount flash-storage in rw-Mode
mount -o remount,rw /flash
Edit the config.txt-File
nano /flash/config.txt
Add the following lines (from version OpenElec 8.8.0)
Add the following lines (for older versions)

Exit nano by using [strg] + [x] and confirm by pressing [y]

Remount flash-storage in ro-Mode
mount -o remount,ro /flash
IR-Receiver GPIO
1 = OUT, 2 = Ground, 3 = Voltage
1 => connect to Pin 12 (GPIO 18)
2 = > connect to Pin 1 (3V Power)
3 => connect to Pin 6 (Ground)